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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


... in the operating theatre.

Anaesthetist: OK, patient is under. You want any antibiotic prophylaxis?

Surgeon: Er… yes, thank you.

Anaesthetist: What do you want?

Surgeon: Er… the standard.

Anaesthetist: What’s your standard?

Surgeon: Er…

Anaesthetist: Cephalexin OK?

Surgeon: Er... OK, cephalexin.

Anaesthetist: What dose?

Surgeon: Er… the standard.

Anaesthetist: What’s your standard?

Surgeon: Er…


  • Hey but if you look at the history of medicine and surgery and anaesthesia in particular, you will find that anaesthesia's original purpose was to allow the surgeon to perform surgery without causing the patient pain and thus having better operations overall.

    It has only been relatively recent that anaesthetists have branced into ICU care, pain management etc

    The bulk of their earnings is still from the surgeries. Some anaesthetists tell me their clients are actually surgeons and not the patients, because the surgeons get to choose their anaesthetists. (especially in private practice)

    Of course in the government hospitals the anaesthetists are assigned. But any wise anaesthetist thinking of going to the private sector would know better than not to give himself a reputation as being "unhelpful"

    But we know surgeons concentrate on operating and are not always so good with medicines. After all who prepares and administers the antibiotics anyway? The anaesthetist.

    Just as angry doc says, doctors treat, administrators administrate, counter staff bill, surgeons operate and anaesthetists prepare the patient intra-op.

    PS I am not a surgeon :D

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 21, 2005 9:56 am  

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