Angry Doctor

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Inspired by Dr BL Og, I submit my replies to questions posed by blinkymummy:

1. Don't you have friends who say funny things?

Yes, but it's usually about our patients too.

2. Taxi drivers who give way to you along ECP?

One time I cut into the lane of a taxi driver on ECP, traffic police came after me. I waved my stethoscope at him and he backed off.

Then Monday I tried the same thing again, traffic police came again. I waved my stethoscope, but then this time he waved his handcuffs back at me...

3. The tree in your garden which looks like Bart Simpson?

No, but I've got a cactus that looks like Marge Simpson.

4. The girl who looks damn good but spits shopping lists?

Got. I sent her to see a specialist already.

5. The topless SLK you ordered during clinic?

Not allowed to drive anymore. See 2. above.

6. Don't you go to Ngee Ann City to see lion dance competitions?

Well, I was driving to Ngee Ann City, but see 2. above...

7. There has got to be something else?!!!

I actually got two other blogs on separate accounts. :)


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