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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Se7en Meme

OK, I got tagged by fortycalibernap. Like HIV, the only thing when you can do when you get it is to suffer and spread it, so here goes.

(see Disclaimer)

Seven Things That Scare Me
1. Blades
2. Needles
3. Blood
4. Women who have crushes on me (something MUST be wrong with them!)
5. Men who have crushes on me (NO! I won’t go to aerobics classes with you!)
6. Having my real identity revealed
7. Regret

Seven Things That I Like Most
1. Feeling of warm body fluid over my latex covered appendage/s
2. Feeling a fractured bone snap back into alignment
3. Inserting a chest-tube
4. Closing skin
5. The rush from a ‘Trauma Code’
6. A ‘thank you’ which is heart-felt and which I truly deserve
7. My monthly paycheck

Seven Important Things In My Room
1. Pen
2. Stethoscope
3. Mask
4. Torchlight
5. Gloves
6. Caffeinated beverage
7. Panadol

Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I once killed a man with my bare hands when I crushed his ribcage during CPR
2. I was never afraid during SARS. Never.
3. I was so jinxed the ICU staff called me ‘The Angel of Death’
4. I was once ‘Best Houseman’
5. My hands are small
6. I don't have a single dental filling
7. I made up my mind when I was a medical student to care less so I wouldn't feel the pain so much

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Live

Seven Things I Can Do
1. Repair digital nerves
2. Sense a psychotic when he/she comes through the door
3. Chinese calligraphy
4. Dance
5. Tie a knot in a cherry stalk with my tongue
6. Admit when I don’t have the answer
7. Keep my anger in control most of the time

Seven Things I Can’t Do
1. Walk and chew gum
2. Juggle
3. Another back-to-back call
4. Tell the exact moment when someone dies
5. Feel your pain
6. Believe
7. Truly love

Seven Things I Say The Most (aka Seven Lies I Tell The Most)
1. Nice to see you again
2. Trust me; it’s for your own good.
3. Everything is alright.
4. It’ll be your turn soon.
5. Don’t worry; I’ve done this many times before
6. Yes, that's supposed to happen
7. This won’t hurt

Seven Celebrity Crushes
1. Hugh Laurie (as House MD)
2. Mandy Patinkin (as Dr Jeffrey Geiger)
3. Hippocrates (as the Father of Medicine)
4. William Osler (as Sir William Osler)
5. Jack Kevorkian (as Dr Death)
6. Rockson Tan (as the Top Rock)
7. Blinkymummy (as she is)

Seven People Who Have To Do This
1. Dr BL Og
2. Distinguished Mediocrity
3. Dr Oz Bloke
4. Dr Quack
5. belladona
6. jodong
7. australian med student

(Yes, I realise you don’t have blogs; but isn’t it time you had one?)


  • Haha!

    Actually I did have a blog. But that community was only interested in dating each other and me being married....well....

    Anyway it is a lot more fun to just post comments. That way I dun have to worry what my next blog entry is going to be.

    Keep it up dude! :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 17, 2005 9:14 am  

  • why am i mentioned? too few readers of your blog..? that you had to mention me...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 17, 2005 3:00 pm  

  • Er... Yes.

    By Blogger angry doc, At September 17, 2005 5:27 pm  

  • Angry doc..

    I read your blog too. Almost everyday. But too lazy to leave comments ... ;-)

    By Blogger Unknown, At September 18, 2005 12:17 am  

  • it was worth the wait. thanks for humoring me and my vectors.

    if i ever make it to singapore, i would appreciate it if you would reveal your true identity just long enough to show me that thing with the cherry stalk.

    By Blogger monk, At September 18, 2005 2:59 am  

  • Actually, i do have a blog, it is just that my blog reveals my true identity and all my scandalous exploits. As you know, as a med student we have lots of free time to do really weird and sometimes questionable stuff...i shall leave that to your imagination! hahaha

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 18, 2005 2:55 pm  

  • Good to see I'm not the only medical guy who thinks he needs to keep his true identity secret.

    40cal - will be happy to oblige. But I actually cheat by using my teeth. Not sure whether it is possible to do it without using the teeth.

    By Blogger angry doc, At September 18, 2005 5:23 pm  

  • I can do the cherry stalk thing but with teeth too, I haven't come across anyone who can use the tongue only...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 18, 2005 11:36 pm  

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