Angry Doctor

Friday, October 07, 2005

Life's a Gamble 2

Spoke with K over the phone last night.

Bonus Real Life Story (see Disclaimer)

K: Eh, I think I met one of your readers today.

angry doc: Har? Sure or not? How you know? Don’t tell me must shut my blog down already…

K: I think so lah… Remember last time you posted about 4D?

angry doc: Er… so?

K: Today one of my patients came back after the consultation and asked me for his queue number again, so I told him he didn’t need the number to collect his medicine. You know what he said?

angry doc: Er... no.

K: He said he just wanted it so he can buy 4D with the number.

angry doc: …

K: So just to be safe I also went to buy the same number after work…


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