Angry Doctor

Thursday, November 24, 2005

"I remember you!"

Thursday evenings are when I take in the week's episode of Scrubs with a generous dose of sherry and dark chocolate and reminisce about my first months as a doctor...

In this week's episode the interns get their own medical students to mentor. I don't think I was ever assigned any student to mentor, although we did have students rotate through our wards, and when we could we imparted what little knowledge we had.

I didn't think I was making any impression on anyone, until one day, many years later, a new colleague recognised me as 'the houseman who bitched about everything when he was supposed to be teaching me'.

What a thing to be remembered for.

Well, I'm still at it, now with a slightly larger and more varied audience, and with a little more anonymity.

So now you know: angry doc has always been a complainer.


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