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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

angry doc as… 2

The Car Mechanic

Mechanic: How can I help you today?

Owner: Can you have a look at my vehicle please?

Mechanic: Sure. Where is it parked?

Owner: This is it.

Mechanic: Er… sir, that’s a bicycle. We’re a car workshop here.

Owner: I know… it’s just that the bicycle shop I usually go to is closed on weekends, and I thought since you guys are open…

Mechanic: Er… OK… looks like you busted the wheels quite badly. What happened?

Owner: I had a fall last weekend when I went mountain-biking.

Mechanic: This happened last weekend? Why didn’t you bring it to the bicycle shop during the week?

Owner: Er… I wasn’t free during the week… and the bicycle shop isn’t open on weekends…

Mechanic: Yes, I remember… but I’m afraid I can’t change their opening hours.

Owner: Er… so can you fix my bike?

Mechanic: No. We don’t have the spare parts. We’re a car workshop, remember?

Owner: So what should I do?

Mechanic: You can take it to a bicycle shop on a weekday, or I can give you the address of one that opens on weekends.

Owner: No thanks - I prefer my usual bicycle shop.

Mechanic: The one that doesn’t open on weekends? Do you need some form of transportation then? I can let you have the workshop ‘loaner’.

Owner: No thanks – I don’t drive. Is there a bicycle I can borrow though?

Mechanic: Kindly get out of my workshop.


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