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Friday, July 07, 2006

Interpreter of Maladies 4

"This job wasn't always easy -- and maybe I wasn't always qualified -- but it was an important part of family life in my immigrant family. Banning this interaction between child and parent -- especially when the family has no other choice -- seems wrong to me. When I was interpreting for my family, I felt I was fulfilling my filial duty. I was contributing to the family.

I hope that the state could get to a point where every non-English speaking person can have access to a professional translator when they need one as they seek health care. If that happened, children like me wouldn't have to learn a third language -- medical talk -- that they may or may not fully understand."

- from Translation Trouble - Children May Be Barred From Interpreting for Their Parents, New America Media


  • This is rubbish - I can't stand it when people migrate to another country and don't want to fit in, in particular, not wanting to learn the new country's language, and live in their little communities, pretending that its a section of their homeland and never venturing out. I say - if you don't want to integrate - GET OUT! Go back to your hovel of a backward country.

    By Blogger Normally Almost, At July 08, 2006 10:13 am  

  • To the above comment
    I think what you said is not right. These people may be workers who help the growth of your country as well as yours. Think befoe you say something!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At July 10, 2006 3:51 pm  

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