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Saturday, July 01, 2006

You got pressure, I also got pressure

Here's an interesting article which Dr Crippen linked to in his blog; perfect for angry doc's weekend reading.

It's pretty long (you can skip the first section, which really is just an anecdote - an allergy can occur with any medicine, new or old, cheap or expensive), but comes with lots of colourful tables and charts.

The article presents one side of the story (and as usual I would advise readers to read more on the topic rather than to make a conclusion based on this one article alone) but I included the link because I think it gives an idea of the kind of moving targets doctors have to deal with in this day and age of Evidence-Based Medicine, as well as who might be moving these targets.

Under the latest guidelines, most of us would have pre-hypertension.

I wonder how long before we all need treatment for pre-mortality.


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