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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good for what ails you!

Sometimes angry doc thinks the western medicine establishment is really stupid in the way we do things.

We study individual diseases, study the effects of individual drugs on the diseases, and then we have each drug submitted for approval by the FDA for each indication.

All that takes years and millions of dollars, which is really a waste of resources when you realise that there is already one single thing that can (according to this ad in Today today - see right upper corner of page 39) 'improve high-blood pressure, allergy, migraine, etc'.


As far as angry doc knows, western medicine has no cure for 'etc' yet!

And here we are plodding along one drug, one disease at a time, when "Dr Hydrogen" can 'improve' all these illnesses all at once!

So how does "Dr Hydrogen" do it? According to their website (see ad for website address):

Dr. Hydrogen reacts with water in this way:

Mg + 2H2O
Mg2+ + 2e- + 2H2O
Mg2+ + 2e- + H2+ + O2-
MgOH2 + H2
Mg2+ + 2OH-

It's good old Magnesium Hydroxide!

Who would have thought that the cure to so many illnesses was available in your average secondary school chemistry lab? angry doc should have stopped at 'O' levels Chemistry instead of going on to medical school.

What else is it good for? Well, according to the website, 'Gastric ulcer, Cerebral infurction [sic], Rheumatism, Wrinkle, Skin problems, Atopic dermatitis and Constipation'.

And why shouldn't it be good for gastric ulcers? Milk of Magnesia *is* an antacid!

angry doc managed to dig up the first page of the study paper mentioned on the website, but it doesn't seem to mention anything about how:

The effectiveness of Dr. Hydrogen against these conditions were verified:

slows down cancer
the antioxidation properties slow down ageing
improves skin allergy
relieves stress in the stomach
promotes regular urination
good for dieting

Well, two litres of water a day should 'promote regular urination'.

But who needs study papers when you have a whole page full of testimonials from anonymous users in Japan who have benefitted from this wonderful product?

Perhaps the Public Utilities Board needs to consider putting "Dr Hydrogen" into our water-tanks; sure would save the Ministry of Health a lot of money treating all those pesky diseases.



  • If it really works I would not need to be studying biochem or pharmacology....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At October 11, 2006 12:06 am  

  • you said it, med student. I could ditch all that crap we do in biochem and pharma. in fact, we could ditch MEDICAL SCHOOL itself. in fact, I might just open up a Placebo Clinic and sell coloured water and paracetamol to treat EVERYTHING. hurray for alternative medicine!

    By Blogger The Angry Medic, At October 11, 2006 9:54 pm  

  • qns.

    what are the prospects for life sci grads in the healthcare sector?

    would one be able to work as a MT/phlembotomist(eg)after training on the job or would they require further certifications in that area before they can apply for it.

    it's already been noted that there's an oversupply of life sci grads and apart from alternative careers in teaching and medical/pharm sales not much has been said if there are jobs suitable for a bio grad within the healthcare industry.

    -future test tube washer

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At October 12, 2006 4:56 pm  

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