Angry Doctor

Thursday, November 16, 2006


angry doc saw some really pretty bangles being advertised in Today today (page 50).

According to the website provided in the ad, these bangles don't just look good, they also:

"... incorporate(s) the health benefits of magnetic therapy in a fashionable accessory."


"... made from neodymium, a high quality material, with iron and boron. The flux density (amount of magnetic field flux)... is about 5 - 10 times (~2000 gauss) more stronger [sic] than other normal bangles."

"When worn on the hand, it provides excellent health benefits for rheumatism users [sic] and at the same time relieves stress, pains and muscle aches, and improves blood circulation,"

That sounded so exciting angry doc just had to find out what neodymium is from Wikipedia (emphasis mine):

"A neodymium magnet or NIB magnet (also, but less specifically, called a rare-earth magnet) is a powerful magnet made of a combination of neodymium, iron, and boron — Nd2Fe14B. They have replaced marginally weaker and significantly more heat-resistant samarium-cobalt magnets in most applications, due mainly to their lower cost."

Hmm... The bangles do look good, but they are a bit expensive...

Oh well, angry doc will just have to see if he can obtain the same health effects by putting one hand over his hard-drive while he blogs.



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