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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sick, sick people 4

angry doc is sick. Sick with disgust and anger.

It was one thing when the good professor tried to argue against decriminalisation of sex between men from a legal stand-point (see here for an analysis of her arguments in her earlier letter), but another altogether when she tries to use medical reasons and 'public health' as an excuse.

letter to the ST Forum today is lengthy (I will post a link to a site that analyses her whole letter when I can find one), so angry doc will only reproduce the relevant part (emphasis mine):

Gay debate continues: Writer responds

Second, there are medical opinions that homosexual sex (that is, anal sex) is inherently unhealthy.

One may argue that this is a 'private' matter, affecting only individuals who contract diseases such as 'gay bowel syndrome'.

However, this is a narrow view of what amounts to 'public health' concerns, given that the activities and diseases of individuals may affect the public at large.

Further, the possibilities of allocating public funds to resolve these sorts of health problems make this a matter of public concern as it could mean that funding for research into other illnesses like cancer and diabetes is reduced.

Concerned citizens who would like to be informed on this matter may usefully refer to the medical opinion of one Dr John R. Diggs, Jr's (August 16, 2000), which was set out in his affidavit in relation to a Massachusetts lawsuit (concerning homosexual activists' legal claims against parents who opposed sexual 'orientation' education in schools):

'There are a variety of significant medical and health risks associated with homosexuality and the gay 'lifestyle'. These include promiscuity, multiple sexual partners, assault and battery and anal intercourse. The sexual practices of male homosexuality consist primarily of oral-genital contact and anal intercourse. These practices are inherently dangerous because of the proclivity to produce occult and overt physical trauma, often spreading sexually transmitted disease. The rectum is particularly vulnerable to sexual trauma, where breaks in the protective membrane barrier facilitate blood exchange and, in turn, the transfer of infectious agents. Furthermore, certain male homosexual practices, such as 'fisting', that is, the insertion of the entire hand into the recipient's anal canal, are likely to cause more serious injuries... Studies have repeatedly shown that lesbians and gay men are at increased risk for mental health problems, including depression, substance abuse, and suicidal behaviour, compared to heterosexuals... Homosexuals perpetrate child sex crimes at a rate many times their number in the population...'

Yvonne C. L. Lee

Wow. Gays are so dangerous that they will rob us of our healthcare funding. But hey, smokers smoke themselves into getting cancer, and fat people eat themselves into getting diabetes, so why not jail them too?

Promiscuity, multiple sex partners, assault and battery, anal intercourse, spreading of sexually-transmitted disease, mental health problems, substance abuse, suicidal behaviour, child sex crimes... all these activities are by no means limited to homosexuals. If we have a problem with such behaviour, we should just target them, with legislation if neccessary if they involve victims: as it is assault and battery, substance abuse and child sex crimes are indeed illegal, and you can also be jailed for knowingly transmitting HIV. But to use the above passage to support the continual criminalisation of sex between men sounds like trying to sentence people for pre-crime.

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  • Hmm read that some big shot in BP was gay and got fired.

    I wonder if he were to look for work here or come here to live would he be welcome?

    I guess not.

    Singapore hates homosexuals regardless whether they are filthy rich homosexuals.

    Somehow I think I've got one part of the above statment wrong somewhere....

    By Blogger Dr Oz bloke, At May 17, 2007 5:42 pm  

  • homosexuality is definitely not a lifestyle to condone

    however, gays and lesbians should not be discriminated.

    i do not believe in a gay gene btw, that's ridiculous. why else will God create a man to be a man, and a woman to be woman? or why did God create Adam and Eve as the father and mother of mankind, not Adam and Paul or Eve and Jessica?

    there is a reason for most things.

    perhaps we could adopt the love the sinner hate the sin principle here.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At May 17, 2007 10:17 pm  

  • She has good legal arguments, given her background. It is always dangerous for the lay person to 'play doctor'. Perhaps statistically gay persons do consume more healthcare, just as smokers and alcoholics do. If that is true, actuaries in insurance companies will levy a higher premium on their medical insurance policies.

    I support the use of citizens' individual Medisave funds to purchase medical insurance policies. How good a policy you get will depend on how much you can afford and the premiums you have to pay. The latter will depend on your lifestyle, occupation and past medical history.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At May 18, 2007 2:15 am  

  • Despite (or should I say, in spite of) all the "cheem" legal gobbledygook, I still don't understand the reasoning behind the discrepancy of the illegality between male & female homosexual expression.
    I also don't buy the medical reasons given. If homosexual sex is so unhealthy, then there should be laws against smoking & trans-fats & alcohol etc.

    By Blogger aliendoc, At May 18, 2007 2:38 pm  

  • monash medical student said:

    'i do not believe in a gay gene btw, that's ridiculous. why else will God create a man to be a man, and a woman to be woman? or why did God create Adam and Eve as the father and mother of mankind, not Adam and Paul or Eve and Jessica?' really a 'medical student'?

    Haven't heard of people who are termed 'hermaphrodite'?

    XY chromo

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At May 18, 2007 7:49 pm  

  • 'why else will God create a man to be a man, and a woman to be woman?'
    What if I don't believe God created man and woman?

    By Blogger huajern, At May 18, 2007 11:16 pm  

  • Hear hear! I am totally shocked at how anti-gay some people are. Perhaps we should stop tolerating intolerances, and throw them homophobes into their own island so that they may float their own country.

    Good luck to them in building their own little piece of rock into the bastion of insanity that they really deserve.

    By Blogger Pkchukiss, At August 09, 2007 7:54 pm  

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