Angry Doctor

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Them 6

angry doc had drinks with his friend G yesterday...

angry doc: So what do you think of the proposed amendments to the Infectious Diseases Act?

G: Not much - won't affect people like me anyway.

angry doc: Huh? What do you mean? The ministry plans to label all men who have sex with men as 'high risk', which means that if you have sex with someone without declaring yourself 'high risk', you are committing an offence! Do you even read my blog anymore?

G: Certainly; but it is precisely because of that that it won't affect people like us, but it will affect people like you.

angry doc: How is that?

G: Well, if all MSM are 'high risk', then every time I am going to have sex with another man, it is presumed that we are both 'high risk', right? And if it presumed, or automatically clear that we are 'high risk', then we won't actually need to declare ourselves as being 'high risk', right? And if we don't actually need to make that declaration, then we can't be faulted for not making it, and so can't be charged under the Infectious Diseases Act, right?

angry doc: Gee... I never thought of it that way, but you might be right.

G: Furthermore, if a man engages the services of a prostitute, he automatically identifies himself as a 'high risk' person - and the prostitute is of course also clearly 'high risk' herself, so neither of them needs to make a declaration either, and thus neither can be charged for not making it, right?

angry doc: Er...

G: So really the only people who need to actually declare themselves as 'high risk' are lesbians and heterosexuals who have "multiple sex partners with unknown HIV status".

angry doc: And drug addicts.

G: Yes, but drug addicts who are "sharing needles to abuse drugs" will of course never declare themselves to someone who don't already know they are abusing drugs, since that is already an offence in itself, right?

angry doc: OK...

G: So like I said, the people who actually have to make the choice of declaring themselves as 'high risk' or not are lesbians and heterosexuals with "multiple sex partners with unknown HIV status".

angry doc: Uh-huh...

G: So at the end of the day, the law will not affect the very people specifically mentioned in the law, but will affect heterosexuals and lesbians, who must now declare themselves as 'high risk' or not before sex.

angry doc: So being specifically mentioned in the law actually makes you immune to being charged under it?

G: Yup. Suck it, breeder!

angry doc: I wish you wouldn't say that.

G: Homophobe!

angry doc: Fruit!



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