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Saturday, December 01, 2007

TCM finally catches up with western medicine 2

The reply to the letter featured in our previous post appears in the ST Forum today:

Clinic sorry about needle mishap

I REFER to the letter, 'Physician's needle joke ends in pain for patient' (ST, Nov 28), by Mr Lim Chye Hin.

I thank Mr Lim for providing feedback on his experience at our clinic on Nov 24. I had spoken to him on the same day to ensure that he was fine.

The management has also contacted him to inform him of the actions taken and to offer apologies for his experience at the clinic.

We have reviewed our processes to prevent a recurrence. Our physicians and staff have also been reminded to be sensitive in their communications with our clients.

Mr Lim's feedback has enabled a new establishment like Bao Zhong Tang to resolve its teething problems and improve services.

Gina Lee (Ms)
Clinic Manager
Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre

Given that TCM and acupuncture are ancient healing arts purportedly hundreds or even thousands of years old, angry doc assumes that the 'teething problems' Ms Lee refers to are not clinical in nature, which begs the question of what problems exactly she meant when she used that phrase.

Did she mean the problems with continuity of care in a team-based care setting, problems with communication, or problems with having to deal with complaints being directed through a public forum?



  • I find that angrydoc harbours a deep resentment and bias against TCM. The error in this case is simply that of an insensitive TCM practitioner who should have taken greater care in his treatment. Thousands of similar incidences occur daily in western hospitals, perhaps even involving angrydoc himself. Everyone has his off day...such snide remarks do not add to the discussion and merely demeans the writer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At December 25, 2007 12:17 pm  

  • The TCM clinics set up in Alexandra Hospital and SGH are supposedly "famous" in PRC, perhaps justifying its high charges. Each consultation with prescription runs in hundreds of dollars. Perhaps this is necessary to pay the huge rental to the restructured hospitals (RH).Both TCMs and CEOs of the RH are laughing to the banks but are the referred patients any better?

    I heard of a lady who has cancer of the lungs in the terminal stage who was referred to a TCM Dr in one of these clinics. He boasted..I meant...he said he was a lung cancer expert (his chubby photo was displayed in an expensively looking brochure) and he said he had cured patients with lung cancer that has spread to the brain but the treatment was not permitted in Singapore. This raised up yet another hopeful chase for the elusive cure, causing more headache to the already burdened family on how to get the herb out and how to give it (illegally) to the dying patient through a drip.
    I just wondered if the availability of the TCM clinic is a "convenience" for the oncologist to avoid telling the family the "truth".

    By Anonymous Grieving Doctor, At January 01, 2008 4:50 pm  

  • Western medicine finally catch up with Chinese medicine.
    History of medicine
    quote:-"However the decline in many of the most lethal diseases was (probably) more due to improvements in public health and nutrition than to medicine." Sewage system
    Traditional Chinese medicine is almost as old as Ayurvedic 400+ years younger anyways.
    Even now investigations into effects of herbs discovered/ documented by Li Shi Zhen is ongoing.
    ben chao gang mu: translated From memory read from somewhere
    Describe herb Mudan(flower king)
    grass dept(under flower)
    only red,white petal type are medicinal smell not pure(aka not frangrant) not usable for medication and the roots medicinal too.
    helps with headache,backache and calm angry doctors(My point).
    one tea 3 times a day.
    Contain active ingredient that is antibacterial.
    PS chrysanthemum works too.
    Tamiflu use Shikimic acid discovered by Japaneses researchers following a lead from the Chinese text on herb star anise? And I don't bother to elaborate on my previous comment (regarding hua tuo wikipedia easiest to find)because I realized you are not open to new medical researches based on traditional medicines. There are original research on those herbal topics though. But I wish you research it at least a bit. Hint: Google in Taiwan/Beijing uni sites or just search in their database. Most of them (Taiwan) ones are open for research.
    Lorenzo oil does not cure the illness but prevent it from getting worse.

    By Anonymous Onlooker, At February 10, 2008 6:24 pm  

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