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Monday, February 04, 2008

"Alternative Flight"

angry doc is still trying to overcome blogging inertia.

In the meantime, here's a witty blog post from Science-Based Medicine to keep his readers entertained:


"Airlines have many of the same characteristics of health care and many of the same problems in providing for their customers. The airlines are monolithic industries that often treat their passengers like cattle, all of a kind, rather than unique individuals with unique travel needs.

The airlines often don’t tell us what is going on. All of us have experienced delays or flight turbulence and nothing from the pilot but patriarchal platitudes about seat-belts and finding a new altitude with less wind. They often hide the true nature of the problem, feeling that the passengers are unable to understand or cope, ignoring, as a classic example, the creature in the shag carpet who is tearing off bits of the wing.

And that’s not to mention overbooking, canceled flights, poor food, late arrivals, an underlying technology that is environmentally damaging, and lost baggage. Something needs to be done.

It is time the medical field returned the favor and helped aviation."



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