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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where many were, how few remain

Reader sm asks:

Do you happen to know any other public blogs by Singapore healthcare professionals, and could you somehow forward it to me as well?

Ironically, fellow-Clearthought blogger black tag just announced that he will quit blogging, after a run of just less than a year. He did not give a reason for his decision, but angry doc suspects that despite his apparent anonymity, his true identity has been discovered by his employers, and he has had restrictions placed on him.

Certainly that was the main reason why Dr BL Og, a prominent doctor-blogger when angry doc first started blogging 3 years ago, decided to close his popular blog.

Dr Huang, who is in private practice, faces no such restrictions, and can blog without such fear, and does - even if his focus is often not on medicine but on wider social issues.

Dr spacefan, who also works in a 'public' institution, seems to have reached an understanding with her employers regarding blogging, and blogs 'semi-anonymously'. Hers is the oldest surviving Singaporean doctor-blog angry doc knows of.

There have been other short-lived medical blogs which angry doc used to read regularly, like those of his disciple distinguished mediocrity and Dr dth, both sadly closed.

Dr tscd, who angry doc thinks is one of the best bloggers around, seems to be on maternity leave from blogging since the arrival of her first child. angry doc hope she will resume blogging soon, as no doubt her many fans do.

Still blogging, but currently not practising, is proud mother of teenagers aliendoc, whose perspective on the practice of medicine angry doc always appreciates.

Those are the doctor-blogs that angry doc reads or used to read regularly. There must be many that he has not read - certainly some of his colleagues keep blogs on their hobbies, their children, and what they had for dinner, but angry doc has never read any of them.

Fellow-Clearthought blogger Edgar, a dental student, keeps his blog here, and angry doc has come across a few blogs kept by nurses too, although he doesn't have the links right now.

Those are the ones angry doc can remember... did I miss anyone out?

Blogging is a tricky business for healthcare professionals, as we are expected to safeguard patients' confidentiality. For those who are not their own bosses, there is also the rule of 'not blogging about work'. Over the years angry doc has shifted from blogging about his work to discussing medico-social issues and fighting quackery, so hopefully this blog will survive to its third birthday.

If you are a healthcare professional and you keep a blog, do leave a comment and let sm know about it.

Thank you.


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