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Thursday, April 30, 2009

We are now at...

Alert Orange

Virus becoming increasingly better adapted to humans but may not yet be fully transmissible , requiring close contact with an index case.

Larger clusters appear in one or two places outside Singapore but a pandemic has not yet been declared. A cluster of cases may also occur in Singapore but human-to-human spread remains localized.

Public health measures such as isolation and quarantine will be effective to break the chain of transmission.

Strategy is to contain spread arising from any local cases and break the chain of transmission, while preserving essential services and resources.

All the measures taken in Alert Yellow will continue where operationally feasible.


Implement “No visitor” rule at all hospitals.

Restrict all inter-hospital movement of patients or healthcare workers.

Set up Flu Clinics at the 18 Polyclinics for assessment and anti-viral treatment of flu-like patients.

Commence antiviral prophylaxis for identified essential services.

Encourage temperature taking at schools and all non-healthcare workplaces, markets, places of mass gatherings etc.

Carry out temperature screening for in-bound and outbound passengers at all air, sea and land border checkpoints.

Consider closing of schools and suspension of public gathering and events.

(Don't worry about angry doc - there'll be a medal and a bonus at the end of it for him... if he survives.)



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