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Monday, January 11, 2010

Look Back In Anger

It's a little late to post a look-back of the year, but here goes anyway...

The past 18 months have been a time of change for angry doc - some good ones, some bad, but most of which he thinks he has brought upon himself.

angry doc's opinions on many subjects have changed. Not surprisingly, this also meant that people's opinions of angry doc have also changed. Curious thing is, you sometimes don't even know what someone's opinion of you is until he or she tells you that his or her opinion of you have changed. Even more curiously (or curioser), angry doc realised that he doesn't really have an opinion of himself anymore, if he ever had one before.

angry doc doesn't know how often he will be blogging this year. It's not just because he will be busy with work (you are never too busy to blog, really), but because he is not sure he sees the point of putting his opinions down anymore.


  • Hi angry doc,

    I'm one of your junior brethren. Just wanted to let you know that I am a regular reader of your posts and your opinions have, over the past few years, helped me and many others to formulate our own.

    Hope things will get better for you in the coming year.

    By Anonymous Student, At January 12, 2010 5:32 pm  

  • Hello Angry Doc,

    I just saw your posts while I was desperately looking for reliable information for HOW TO EXEMPT COMPULSORY 2 VACCINATIONS IN SINGAPORE.

    I have a 6 yrs old child and I want to try every way not to put legalized poisons in his blood.

    Do you know any internet resource, or anti-vaccine support team in Singapore that can help me to write strong letter to Goverment Body ?

    My email is and just in case, my mobile +65 9455 3464. Thanks ! Salih Merih Akca

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At January 12, 2010 10:57 pm  

  • Eventually there are some things that one cannot continue doing, and some things that one cannot stop doing.

    The former is his training; the latter, his calling.

    By Blogger The Key Question, At January 12, 2010 11:48 pm  

  • Dear Salih (I apologise if I used the wrong name as I am not familiar with name conventions in Turkic),

    As a matter of fact I can think of a few ways for a child to avoid having Diphtheria and Measles vaccinations, but that's not what you want, is it?

    What you want is for me to help you prove that you are right.

    I won't do that. Even if I wanted to, I won't be able to because the fact is the that the existing evidence on the safety and efficacy of childhood vaccines are overwhelming - if it were not so, you could have come up with the evidence of the harm of vaccination by yourself and written a letter to the government body yourself.

    My advice is to examine your own motives again. Look again at the evidence which have led you to conclude that vaccines are "legalised poisons"; if they are good-quality evidence, then they should be able to persuade the government to change their policies about vaccinations; if they are not of high enough quality to convince the government to stop vaccinations, why should you let them convince you?

    By Blogger angry doc, At January 13, 2010 1:57 pm  

  • You sound like you are undergoing a mid life crisis.

    What opinions have changed? Curious to know.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At January 15, 2010 6:58 am  

  • If you stop blogging, it would be a huge loss. And, I'm not even a doctor, nor am I in the medical profession. I just enjoy your blog.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At January 15, 2010 7:22 am  

  • Thank you for the support.

    As you can see my opinion on the anti-vax movement at least has not changed.

    I guess I'll let my opinions be known as the relevant topics come up.

    By Blogger angry doc, At January 15, 2010 8:39 am  

  • Hi Angry Doc,

    GDoc has decided to drop by your blog after a long absence, and is saddened to find you in a funk.

    GDoc believes that it is not only natural, but logical for Angry Doc to change his opinion from time to time. As the old saw goes "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?" Well.... except when it comes to TCM.... all right, all right, mea culpa, bad joke :)

    GDoc will not presume to understand what Angry Doc's objectives are behind the blogging, as well as the source of Angry Doc's disappointment. What GDoc can offer are a couple of reasons for Angry Doc to continue blogging.

    Well, the most obvious is because many people (GDoc included) enjoy reading your blog.

    Secondly, it offers readers a different and fresh perspective to ponder over before reaching their own conclusions. Ultimately; people will believe what they want to believe, but at least they would have had the opportunity to see things from another angle.

    GDoc looks forward to your next posting, and hopes you have some time for yourself between work and blogging.

    Here's to your situation improving in the year ahead.



    By Blogger GuinnessDoc, At January 16, 2010 1:39 am  

  • Hi, I'm Karen. Since my mother was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension four months ago, I've decided to make a blog to raise awareness of PAH. Perhaps you'd consider linking to my blog - it's

    By Anonymous Karen, At January 16, 2010 3:34 am  

  • oh AD, I hope you will continue. Where else to vent? As you said those are just opinions, and opinions change.

    By Anonymous lh, At January 17, 2010 6:07 pm  

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