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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small change you can believe in

angry doc doesn't usually show his politics on his blog, but this news article just has to be brought to his reders' attention, he thinks...


SDP candidate Tan Jee Say said: "S$10 billion of the $60 billion will be going to promote (and) create industries.

"I think these are industries of the future, where your young, educated population can find traction, do well and excel.

"The kind of industries, services like advertising publishing and all that, these are industries of the future - creative industries.

"Facebook started small, (with a) humble background -- so (did) Google.

"And I'm quite prepared to put aside S$10 billion to promote (this, and) to give a million dollars each to one or two of (the) 'Facebook or Google generation', the young people.

"PMETs like yourselves, (if) you want to start a new industry, ask the government to give you one million dollars each and you do it for the next few years.

"With S$10 billion, divided by S$1m, then you could have how much ... 10,000 firms. 10,000 you multiply by three or five staff per company, (and for a) small company, you could have 50,000 jobs".

Mr Tan was asked how his S$60 billion National Regeneration Plan could be financed, to achieve all the suggestions the SDP wants.

He said the funds can be achieved by selling government assets and drawing from reserves.

"I'm not saying that we take every single dollar from the reserves," Mr Tan said.

"We have, I think the official figure two, three hundred billions, but obviously it's much more than that.

And I'm only asking for S$60 billion -- not much, small change," he said with a chuckle.

Well, angry doc LOL'd...


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