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Friday, August 12, 2011

"London burns: A Singaporean fumes"

angry doc is not above using other people's misfortune to make a point about his politics, hence the links to this post and this.

In the days ahead politicians, ex-politicians and politician-wannabes will no doubt try to gain popularity by promising to steer this country down a more socialist route. angry doc hopes we will not all be seduced by the vision of a socialist paradise and become blind to its many perils.


  • Welfarism does not work under a bureaucracy of "unknown faces". Abuse is the unintended result

    There need to be a personal face when giving "hand-outs".

    1) First the family nucleus.

    2) Then the extended family.

    3) Friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbours, etc

    4) Clan associations, religious institutions, community groups, etc.

    5) The state should be last.

    This way, "hand-outs" can be withdrawn when we see the person is not helping him or her self with the "support". Sometimes tough love is the best love to instill self-pride and reliance.

    If a person is so "underserving" of "support" from the first 4 levels of social safety nets, he/she must be a recluse or have a deep-seated emptiness in he/her soul that the state must step-in to prevent beggars in the streets.

    Stand tall, walk straight.

    By Blogger Singapore Man of Leisure, At August 14, 2011 10:19 pm  

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