Angry Doctor

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Evidence-based Complaint Resolution

Dear Sir,

1. We refer to your complaint letter against Dr Angry dated 31 Jun 2006.

2. We have spoken with Dr Angry, and his account of the events during the consultation differs from the one given in your letter.

3. As there is no third-party witness of the consultation to verify which of the accounts is accurate, we decided to perform a statistical analysis to determine who may be at fault.

4. Dr Angry has three clinic sessions a week, and he sees an average of 20 cases during each session. This gives a monthly total of 240 cases. He receives an average of two complaints per month. This translates to a complaint rate or Unsatisfactory Clinical Encounter Rate (UCER) of 0.83%.

5. Our record shows that the visit on 31 Jun 2006 was your fourth visit to our clinic. This is also your second complaint letter against one of our staff. This translates to an UCER of 50%.

6. Given the figures, it is fair to conclude that the probabilty of the cause of the unsatisfactory outcome originating from you is greater.

7. We hope you will reflect on your attitude, and seek counseling on your dysfunctional health-seeking behaviour. We can assist you with a referral to a mental health specialist at our centre.

8. Thank you.

Assistant Director
Corporate Communications



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