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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Alternotopia News 2

Bonus Bogus Story

Man in Coma after stubbing toe

A man is in a coma after stubbing his toe on a rock yesterday.

Eyewitnesses told Alternotopia Times that the man was walking on the foot reflexology path at a park when he stubbed his right big toe on a cobblestone and fell, striking his head against a steel railing in the process. He was taken by ambulance to Alternotopia Reflexology Hospital (ARH).

A spokesman from ARH told Alternotopia Times that reflexologists at the hospital believe that the coma is due to an accumulation of toxins in the man's brain.

"The big toe corresponds to the anatomical area of the brain. The swelling and brusing from the injury has disrupted the life force through the toe and prevents the discharge of toxins from the brain, and so we are applying intensive massage therapy to the area to clear the blockage," said the spokesman.

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