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Friday, December 15, 2006

Alternotopia News 3

Bonus Bogus Story

Rocke may sue Alternotopia Government for Breaking Patent

Rocke, the crystal product manufacturer which holds the patent for quartz crystal, announced that it intends to dissuade the Alternotopia government from its plan to break its patent, and has not ruled out suing the government if it does not reverse the decision.

The government had announced earlier this week that it will break the patent for quartz crystal in an effort to reduce the cost of treatment for back pain sufferers in Alternotopia. The Ministry of Health estimates that back pain affects up to 50% of working Alternotopians, and the condition is estimated to cost the nation A$1 billion each year. Crystal therapy remains the most effective cure for back pain, but the prohibitive cost of quartz crystals has meant that many sufferers could not afford the therapy.

"We regret that the Alternotopia government had made the decision and announcement unilaterally, and that the company had not been consulted, or asked what we could do to assist," a spokesperson for Rocke's Alternotopia subsidiary said.

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