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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Alternotopia News 4

Bonus Bogus Story

HSA Smashes Homeopathic Remedy Piracy Ring

The Homeopathic Sciences Authority (HSA) raided an underground factory producing bootleg homeopathic remedies and arrested more than 20 men yesterday.

According to the HSA spokesman, the piracy ring obtained legitimate homeopathic remedies from pharmacies, and then diluted them by a factor of 1000 and divided the solution into a thousand bottles similar to the ones used by the legitimate manufacturers. To ensure that the potency of the remedies is not increased a thousand-fold by the dilution, they would allow the solution to evaporate to a thousandth of its volume, before making it up to full volume again before bottling the solutions for sale.

The HSA reminds the public that homeopathic remedies should be obtained only from legitimate sources, and after a consultation with a registered homeopath.

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