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Friday, January 26, 2007

Alternotopia News 5

Bonus Bogus Story

Reflexology Council Denounces Minireflexology Claims

The Alternotopia Reflexology Council (ARC) has voiced its objections to a bid by the Alternotopia Minireflexology Association (AMA) to have minireflexology incorporated into the national healthcare system.

In a letter to the Ministry of Health, the ARC stated that 'currently there is no scientific evidence for the claims by minireflexology practitioners that pressure to different areas in the heels of the feet (which represent the anotomical areas of the feet in foot reflexology) in turn stimulate the different anatomical areas of the body, or that pressure and massage to these areas in the heels yield similar therapeutic responses to pressure and massage of the feet themselves.'

A spokesman from the ARC told Alternotopia Times that the letter was submitted to the Health Minister yesterday, and said that it is 'patently ridiculous to speculate that one small part of the foot can represent the anatomy and reflexologic function of the whole foot'.

"Imagine what the AMA would say, if some other organisation claimed that pressure to the part of the heel representing the heel in minireflexology achieved the same effect as massaging the heel in minireflexology, and hence had the same effect as mainstream reflexology," he added.

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