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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whose voice is it anyway?

As the Presidential Elections Committee announces the candidates to whom it has issued Certificates of Eligibility, angry doc notes that he has in fact blogged about three out of the four: Mr Tan Kim Lian, Mr Tan Jee Say, and Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

Ironically, while they each claim to be the voice for Sinagporeans, they hold views that angry doc, also a Singaporean, disagrees with. How is that possible?

The truth is, Singaporeans hold a myriad of views over a multitude of subjects, and oftentimes while these views are in direct opposition to each other. In addition, while two Singaporeans may share the same view on one subject, they may disagree over another. There is no "one voice" for all Singaporeans, and anyone who claims that he can be that one voice for all Singaporeans is... well, angry doc disagrees with him.

It is easy to be populist and make the blanket statement that "I will represent you and fight for you", and much more difficult to make a stand and say: "these things I believe in - vote for me if you believe the same".

angry doc certainly won't be voting for any Tan this election...


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