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Monday, October 10, 2005

Singapore Idol Runner-up to be Cancer Screening Ambassador

The comment by my disciple on the Breast Cancer Awareness post inspired this…

Bonus Bogus Story

Singapore -

Sylvester Sim, runner-up in the Singapore idol contest, will be the ambassador for Prostate Cancer Awareness month this year.

This was revealed at a press conference at the Health Promotion Board yesterday.

Mr Dee Arh Yee, spokesman for the HPB, explained that Sylvester, or Sly as he is known by his fans, has the wide appeal and recognition that will make him an effective icon to spread the message for early screening of prostate cancer.

The tagline for this year’s campaign is "You can never have too many tattoos. Or too many prostate checks."

Sylvester had this to say about his new role, "I think it is important to educate men that prostate cancer screening is a simple procedure that is cheaper, faster, than less painful than getting a tattoo. So if you have got a tattoo or are thinking of getting one, think about getting a prostate examination as well!"

The campaign will run from 1 to 28 November.

Sylvester is the second Singapore Idol contestant to become a Health Ambassador. Taufik Batisah, Singapore Idol winner, was made the anti-smoking Ambassador in August this year.

Sly demonstrates how a prostate examination is done.



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